Make it smart.

Make it digital.


We help your organization to achieve digitalization with proper business tools such as Desktop computer apps, mobile apps, etc.

As we move towards industry 4.0, E-governance is key your organization to grow.

Smart city Smartphones

Citizens participation along with Big Data analysis will help you identify patterns.

Patterns will help during the decision making process.

Smart city data analytics
Data analytics

Big Data will keep you on top of most urgent-important; classifying your E-governance & E-participation properly.

Nowadays Big Data is a social dashboard.

Smart city people
WiFi connectivity

For public spaces such as town square, parks and recreation spaces.

This will keep your citizens connected to your E-governance or E-participation plataforms.

Public safety security camera public park
Public safety security cameras

Keep your citizens secure. So that they can be more confortable in the public space.

Increase the value of your organization.

Solar Power Outlet Public Park Girl
Power outlets

Provide power to your citizens at the public spaces for them to plug their electronic devices.

Citizens will stay connected throught WiFi.

At NetAd-aaS, we are Network Administrators as a Service.

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